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The 5th Annual Hack N' Smack, Kerry Daveline Memorial Celebrity Golf Classic at El Caballero Country Club, Presented by
The Actors' Network, Benefiting the Melanoma Research Foundation
"The cancer we can all see, but no one talks about."
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"Kevin, we are indebted to you, Kerry's wife and friends for making this grant in Kerry Daveline's memory possible. Thank you from the Melanoma Research Foundation

The Melanoma Research Foundation has a three part mission (research, advocacy and patient education), it is their outstanding research program which brought us to partner with them for this event. For the past 10 years, the MRF has worked with the leading scientists of the melanoma community to assure the best science is being funded through their program.

In 2006 the M.R.F. was able to co-sponsor a Career Development Grant in your Kerry Daveline’s memory. The award went to Dr. Antoni Ribas from the University of California, Los Angeles for 2006. Dr. Ribas has provided me with this update on his research, which we’re eager to share with you. We will be renewing Dr. Ribas’ grant for a second year at the end of December. Dr. Ribas and his colleagues are conducting studies aimed at understanding how the immune system can be effectively used to treat melanoma.

Kerry Daveline, for whom the Hack n’ Smack event was created to honor, lost his fight with melanoma at home on January 3rd, 2003. Kevin kept his promise, and along with one of Kerry’s best friends Michael Moynahan, the first Kerry Daveline Memorial Celebrity Golf Tournament was held 16 months later in April of 2004. At the dinner following the tournament, Kerry's friends sang the Notre Dame Fight Song. In 2005 Kerry’s twin daughters, who were both born post-mortem, attended the tournament with Kerry’s widow, Mia. It was indeed a special day…and the fight continues. Click here to read a quick Melanoma fact sheet.

The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) supports scientific research directed at finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for malignant melanoma. To guide its research activities, the Foundation has appointed a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) composed of leading clinical and pre-clinical melanoma researchers.

It is through your support of this year’s event that we can continue to fund a research grant which would one day bring about effective treatments and a cure for melanoma.

We are honored to inform the Hack n’ Smack event that for a second consecutive year, co-sponsored 2007 Career Development Grant has been awarded in memory of Kerry Daveline. This second-year grant is awarded to Dr. Pamela Pollock at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix and will be listed as: Award in Memory of Kerry Daveline, Kathy Domijan, Paul Mikalauskas, Kathy Salling, Deb Sandry, Leonard E. Warren and Jon Warrington. Dr. Pollock's project is titled: Investigation of FGFR2 as a Novel Oncogene in Melanoma. I have attached a description of the research project.

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