Annually, since April 2004, The Actors' Network presents the Hack n' Smack, Kerry Daveline, Celebrity Golf Classic at the El Caballero Country Club. We donate 100% of the net proceeds to the UC Irvine School of Medicine Department of Dermatology in support of finding a cure for melanoma.

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EVENT YEARS, '04 - '13
This is our 10 year tribute!

Such a day. Thank you for letting me be a part of a greater good. I lost two friends in January to cancer. Three more recently diagnosed hang in the balance. I can only imagine how you bust your ass getting this event done each year... you kick ass each and every time. Again, thank you inviting me. It's an honor.

– Jeremy Ratchford (Cold Case)

The Hack n' Smack tournament helps raise awareness and dollars to fight melanoma. I am proud to be affiliated with this event.

– Richard Schiff (The West Wing)

I had one of the best times ever in a golf tournament. I am a retired lobbyist that played in tournaments for a living. Nothing touches this one! Plus, I got to meet and play with Robert Hayes and Eric. Also, I won closest to the pin on the sixth hole! Love the Budlight golf bag! Mia invited me and I look forward to next year.

– Stanley Lee (Aquatic Foundation)

Melanoma is historically one of the most underfunded cancers and yet more and more people are diagnosed with the disease each year. I'm glad I can help bring awareness to this terrible disease. Hopefully, the money we raise each year... will one day lead to a cure.

– Chris Gorham (Harper's Island)

The Hack n' Smack, Kerry Daveline Memorial Celebrity Golf Classic is a five-year old affair quickly becoming one of the preeminent charitable golf tournaments in Southern California.

– Steve Strauss (USA Today)
About Kerry Daveline
Kerry Daveline

The Hack n' Smack tournament is the fulfillment of a promise made to Kerry Daveline by his friend, Kevin West, to combine their shared passion for golf with the fight against melanoma.

Kerry, an actor-singer, was known for his humor, his Notre Dame caps, and his habit of befriending strangers.

In 2003, Kerry lost his 5 year fight with Melanoma, and in 2004, the first Hack n' Smack was held.

Read more of Kerry's story...

Help The Girls Beat Melanoma
Kerry's Girls

In 2005, at the 2nd Annual event, Kerry's infant twin daughters who never met their father, made their first appearance at the tournament. They're now committed for an annual play date, in Daddy's memory.

Help Kerry's girls beat Melanoma now. Click here!


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The 2013 tournament honoree is Frank L. Meyskens, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.P. Each year we laud an individual whose participation in the event or the cause requires honor.

Read more about Frank.


Our 2013 Warrior of the Year is Sarah Bruck. The Warrior Award is presented each year to a person who has battled with Melanoma.

Read more about Sarah.

Survivor's Story

We have the honor of sharing Wayne Benson's melanoma survivor story. A two time cancer survivor, Wayne shares his story of positivity here.

Tournament Committee
Aaron Postil
élevée Custom Clothing

Dana Saraceno
SunAmerica Retirement Markets
Darby Doran
Rant n' Rave Prods.

Brian Gold (Candyman)
Sultana Distribution Services
Pamela Hope
Giving Hope Today

Dr. Christopher Zachary
Head ā€“ U.C.I. Dept. of Dermatology
Mike Quattro
Quattro & Associates

D'amileau Baulk
Admin ā€“ U.C.I. Dept of Dermatology
Hack n' Smack Organizers
Tournament Hosts
Kevin E. West
Michael Moynahan
Committee Chair
Mia Daveline
Event Director
Ron Ransen
Event Coordinator
Jenn Wilson
Hack n' Smack 2013 Volunteers
Tyler Wolfe, Cindy Abrams, Wendy Allyn, Chip Avery, Christina Avery, Pat Battistini, Jessica Boss, Jamie Ann Burke, Michelly Farias, Andrew Garretson, Ilana Guralnik, Megan Hensley, Ben Hisoler, Shirley Hughes, Richard Clarke Larsen, Leonard Leto, Kimberly Levin, Alexandra Lill, Mary Mather, Audrey Mitchell, Stephen Moffatt, Jose Ortega, Jacquelyn Palmquist, Imi Pap, Deron Paul, Michael Perl, Joanna Ransen, Julia Shakti, Tetia Stroud, Ayn Olivia Vaughan, Megan Vickers, Aleah Whaley, Jerry Wible, Christian Wolf, Alexa Zachary, Ansley Thoma, Pamela Hope, Robert Reveles
Past Event Photos
  • Galen Gering (Days of our Lives), LeeAnn Hunely (Days of Our Lives), and tournament founder and co-host, Kevin E. West.
  • Tournament co-host, Michael Moynahan with the original James Bond, George Lazenby.
  • Green Girl Saloon gals
    supported the Asombroso "rescue cart."
  • Bagpipes honor our friend Kerry Daveline before every event
  • Joe Mantegna
    from Criminal Minds
  • Green Girl Saloon gals
    supported the Asombroso "rescue cart."
  • Bill Smitrovich and Jeffrey Nordling.
  • Tequila sponsor Asombroso, provided a "rescue cart" around the course, providing refreshment to those in need.
  • Tequila sponsor Asombroso, provided a "rescue cart" around the course, providing refreshment to those in need.
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Southland Golf Magazine

Hack n' Smack Celebrity Golf named one of the best in SoCal by Southland GOLF Magazine!

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Event Entertainment
the Beach Toys

Every year the Beach Toys, the world's greatest Beach Boys tribute band, bring their unique performance to the Hack n' Smack tournament.

Event Presenter
the Actors' Network
Special Thanks
Fleur Philips
Pamela Hope
Larry Elder
Leslie Nelson
Frank Miceli
Darby Doran
Derek Broes
Paulette Kam
Liza Turkheimer
Jenn Wilson
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Kenny Chapman
Sean Jacoby
Chuck Muncie
Cassie Kovacevich
Melissa Bring
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Wayne Benson
Ron Ransen
Tara Radcliffe
Allie MacKay
Michael B. Moynahan
The Beach Toys
Mia Daveline
Aaron Postil
Mike Quattro
D'Amileau Baulk
Janellen Smith
Dana Saraceno
Steve Karas
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Brian Gold
Susan Finn
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Chris Farmer
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