2004 - 2013: The 10-year tribute to Kerry and Melanoma research is complete!
No further events are scheduled. Thank you.

Donation Supporters

If you do not play golf or are not able to attend/participate on the day of our event we certainly understand. Please know that Melanoma research receives the least amount of federally distributed money for cancer research. It is also the fastest growing cancer in the United States. We've already lost thousands of people to this horrible and misunderstood cancer. Recently such luminaries as Stephen J. Cannell, Ian Copeland, Danny Federici and our friend... Kerry Daveline. "It is the cancer we can all see, but no one talks about."

Every hour of every day, someone dies of melanoma in the U.S. Melanoma strikes people of all ages, races, and economic levels. One in 75 Americans will develop melanoma during their lifetime. It is the fastest rising cancer in the U.S. and the most deadly. It is also the most highly preventable, and treatable, if caught early. Currently, melanoma research receives less than 10% of the funding given to basic research of other cancers.

You can make a difference. Please join us. Help protect our families and friends by raising awareness and money to find a cure. Consider how much money we could raise if everyone you know donated just $10.00. Please contact us today with your tax-deductible donation.

Monetary donations form download: click here. Complete and follow the fax instructions.

We cannot thank you enough!

Kevin E. West - Co-Host
Michael Moynahan - Co-Host

*All donations over the value of the goods/services received are tax deductible to the maximum allowable amount. Fair market value (FMV) for the following goods/services: Round of golf (which includes breakfast and lunch) $200.00; Reception Awards Dinner $75.00; VIP after-party $50.00. All other straight monetary donations, including the Opportunity Board are at 100%. All silent auction items have their fair market value (FMV) listed on the donation sheet.
Past Event Photos
  • Galen Gering (Days of our Lives), LeeAnn Hunely (Days of Our Lives), and tournament founder and co-host, Kevin E. West.
  • Tournament co-host, Michael Moynahan with the original James Bond, George Lazenby.
  • Green Girl Saloon gals
    supported the Asombroso "rescue cart."
  • Bagpipes honor our friend Kerry Daveline before every event
  • Joe Mantegna
    from Criminal Minds
  • Green Girl Saloon gals
    supported the Asombroso "rescue cart."
  • Bill Smitrovich and Jeffrey Nordling.
  • Tequila sponsor Asombroso, provided a "rescue cart" around the course, providing refreshment to those in need.
  • Tequila sponsor Asombroso, provided a "rescue cart" around the course, providing refreshment to those in need.
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EVENT YEARS, '04 - '13
This is our 10 year tribute!

Top Celebrity Golf Tourney
Southland Golf Magazine

Hack n' Smack Celebrity Golf named one of the best in SoCal by Southland GOLF Magazine!

Listen to Hack n' Smack's Co-Host, Mike Moynahan, on Fox GameTime Sunday with Dan Moriarty & Denny Hocking.

Event Entertainment
the Beach Toys

Every year the Beach Toys, the world's greatest Beach Boys tribute band, bring their unique performance to the Hack n' Smack tournament.

Event Presenter
the Actors' Network
Hack n' Smack Organizers and Committee
Tournament Hosts
Kevin E. West
Michael Moynahan
Committee Chair
Mia Daveline
Tournament Committee
Aaron Postil
élevée Custom Clothing
Dana Saraceno
SunAmerica Retirement Markets
Darby Doran
Rant n' Rave Prods.
Brian Gold (Candyman)
Sultana Distribution Services
Pamela Hope
Giving Hope Today
Mike Quattro
Quattro & Associates
D'amileau Baulk
Admin ā€“ U.C.I. Dept of Dermatology
Dr. Christopher Zachary
Head ā€“ U.C.I. Dept. of Dermatology
Event Director
Ron Ransen
Event Coordinator
Jenn Wilson