Itty Bitty

Open anywhere and pick a Word for the day! Kevin E. West’s “WORD” contribution is Chameleon!

This is a book you put on your coffee table, leave in the bathroom, or keep on your desk. Use it in any way. Ask a question and see what word shows up when you open the book. Use it to pick a word for the day — just open the book. If you don’t like the word — choose another one. It’s just a fun book to lighten your day.

The first thing Joan said, when Suzy told her the idea was, “That’s a stupid idea.” Suzy immediately knew she had a winner. Suzy Prudden and her sister, Joan Meijer, created Itty Bitty Publishing in 2015. With well over 150 book authors to date and 62 Best Sellers, they added Compellation books, Quote books and then Suzy had a silly idea just to sell words that people love. She offered the opportunity to put their word in the Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Book of Words with their definition of the word. Then she added a 60 word bio and photo and the book took off. Wherever she went, Suzy sold words. And here they are.

Pick up a copy of this fun filled book and discover a new word, or meaning, today!