Introductory Statement

The roadmap of your mind is evident by the questions you ask while your emotional disposition is revealed by those that you don’t.

Kevin E. West

For more than three decades, Kevin E. West, has been a professional storyteller as a veteran television actor, entrepreneur/CEO and consultant. Hailing from the rural South, he’s lived and worked for so long in Hollywood that Kevin is often affectionately and metaphorically called, The Hollywood Redneck. Kevin is a ‘bad-ass’ who transcends the generational gap providing forward thinking initiatives.

Kevin’s programs explore the origin of communication while providing concrete answers to improve on efficiency while eliminating chaos and confusion. Kevin’s title of, Communication Entrepreneur, transcends business sectors from Financial, Tech, Sales/Marketing/Content, Real Estate, Insurance, Sports and all those in between. His uniquely diverse background also provides a platform to discuss Leadership, Inspiration, Disruption, Creativity, and Entrepreneurism within any sector.

A much sought-after motivational speaker, Kevin delivers communication and leadership workshops for a variety of clients in the corporate and non-profit sectors. His hands-on professional development and executive programs, which Kevin has developed to help today’s professional reach their potential as leaders. From the back woods of rural Nashville, to looking like Tom Sawyer fishing for catfish at the age of 12 to shooting episodes in multiple Emmy-Award Winning television shows, Kevin speaks unabashedly from his core about the crucial importance of communication skills.

Kevin has been a requested expert on such International podcasts as: Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do & The Entrepreneur Way. Along with being the cover boy of City to Country magazine Kevin has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, TNT, FX and Showtime. Kevin also has performed significant content and commentary on the radio, for his ability to identify vulnerability from Corporate to the individual. His humble beginnings belie his Resume as it reads more like the movie, Deliverance.

Kevin E. West enjoys a distinguished career as an actor, athlete, author, leader, and motivational speaker. A consultant and coach in the areas of leadership and communication skills, Kevin’s central theme has always been related to the complexities of pro-active communication, efficiency protocol, and overcoming the psychological fears that bind. When Kevin speaks it is often raw, deeply personal and yet he connects deeply with each individual in the room.

Programs Overview

The ‘Communication Entrepreneur’ is available for any of the following:

Keynote Engagements * Corp/Exec Consulting (Pre-VIP event or same day) * Panel Expert * Emcee Awards Ceremonies * Breakout Coaching/Micro-Group * Training (1-3hrs, See next menu)


A.E.I.: The organic journey of communication. Efficient communication arises from deep within.
“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has actually taken place.” 
—George Bernard Shaw  


Entrepreneurism: A disruptive idea is born every minute of every day but can yours succeed?
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.”
—Steve Jobs 


Leadership (Inspired): ‘Ready-Fire-Aim’ is the ideology of arrogant and failing corporate cannibalism.
“There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.” 
—Randall Wallace (Pearl Harbor / Braveheart)


Workplace Ageism: Baby Boomers v. the Millennial must avoid becoming The Scorpion & The Frog!
“Don’t let the sun go down without saying thank you to someone, and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets this far alone.” 
—Stephen King


#MeToo: With close to 40% of employees having dated a co-worker we should probably talk.
“To assume normal friendly human engagement equals amorous desire is lazy and arrogant.”
—Kevin E. West

Take-Away * R.O.I.

“Give a man a fish — feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish — feed him for a lifetime.”

Kevin’s take-away is the gift that keeps on giving!

  • The awareness of a new and superior understanding of one’s own communication evolution, which naturally changes one’s way of thinking, communication habits, and minimizes pitfalls!
  • An invigorated attitude and fresh perspective as it relates to their job description and how it can be enhanced n’ simplified thereby vastly diminishing post-workday anxiety.
  • With a renewed understanding of how to better engage with their superiors, colleagues and support staff thereby increasing self-esteem, personal power and efficiency.
  • A much more pragmatic approach to protocol in any situation or work environment, which creates a seamless transition from one task, or project, throughout the evolution .
  • The weightless ability to begin working without fear which enhances the value of leadership amongst us all.

Omnipotent R.O.I.!

Event Pre-Plan 
•       Have a conference call with the “Powers that Be” to ensure the event’s success. 

During Event 
•       Be available throughout the day if requested for anything special. 
•       Please to have lunch or a 20-minute private chat with a particular individual. 
•       Custom his programs to your specific agenda or company. 

•       Hold a book signing & any photos that might be desired. 
•       Discuss specifically what worked and in what way for the attendee’s. 

Reasons to Hire!

Because Kevin is…

…a bad-ass who is …Transcendent
Delivering a message is relatively easy but to convey it in such a way, within a certain arena, so that it is absorbed and alive as one continues onward has exponential value.           

…a bad-ass who is … Dynamic
Kevin’s eloquent and timely usage of simple and poignant metaphors n’ analogies are not only entertaining but allow a message to become uniquely personal and simultaneously universal.           

…a bad-ass who creates … Connection
Kevin’s youthful interest in psychology, coupled with the heart of artist from a challenged childhood, feeds every concept, message and word he delivers with infectious vulnerability.           

…a bad-ass who is … Pro-Active
While CEO’s, VP’s, middle management and support staff all like the idea of ‘getting after it’ but it can be quite difficult if you really don’t know how. “Do or do not — there is no try.” — Star Wars, Yoda

 …a bad-ass who reveals …The Core Answer

Program Descriptions


A.E.I.: Audience — Environment — Intent, The organic journey of communication!

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has actually taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

The inherent methodology of acting, over the course of three decades, taught Kevin E. West how to be an omnipotent communicator. Art imitates life, not the reverse, and therefore so many of the movies we love become tremendous analogies and metaphors for what we can learn. Lost in Translation is a wonderful metaphorical title for the entire purpose of why Kevin learned to be an omnipotent communicator.

The idea, the concept and the dissection of brilliant communication has been discussed or presented in more ways than you might realize. However, regardless of the attention paid to this imperative aspect of our lives and workplace, communication remains one of the most challenging elements for any company to solidify success and maximize efficiency. Why? We are, simply, human beings but the solution is subjective and complex. Far too often we presume, or take the natural assumption that one’s work skill set or training in a profession or field automatically translates into great communication skills is one of the deadliest mistakes made in business worldwide by all levels of personnel.

Take a moment and just consider the communication platforms in play: in person, in a group, on the phone, a text and the email (occasionally the written snail mail).  The crucial value of how one writes communication, in today’s world, is not considered to the degree it deserves along with the way one listens and hears the communication of others as well as one’s own human element that affects how we listen and hear dialogue or the written (texted) word. Confusion and chaos is always the result of poor communication which instantly terminates flow n’ success and is extremely expensive.

The Hollywood community, within every department and position, likely contains the most diverse human workforce on the planet. Kevin E. West had a unique foundational training ground utilizing his acting craft as well as an amazing vocational playing field being a successful entrepreneur and television veteran. The culmination of Kevin’s studied focus on the evolution of communication and its behavioral result is a gift he now passes on to those who want maximum efficiency in their companies and workplace.

The Moral of the Story
1-The training or skill set of an individual does not guarantee terrific communication skills.|
2-Communication clarity helps diminish the subjectivity of favoritism or perceived unfairness. 
3-Protocol efficiency enriches the personnel workplace experience.
4-The work environment and mentality is vastly uplifted.
5-Tremendous improvement of how conversations are translated into accurate communication.
6-Stress and confusion is drastically minimized among individuals required to work in unison.
7-Countless HR survey’s continually remind senior leadership that business is about people but you also must remember that people are different, were raised differently, think different.

Therefore, in the final conclusion, A.E.I. is a game-changing Keynote for your personnel in perpetuity.


Entrepreneurism: A disruptive idea is born every minute of every day but can yours succeed?

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

Steve Jobs

We all understand the general concept and definition of an, Entrepreneur, but actions speak far louder than words or definitions. In early 90s, Kevin E. West built an award-winning organization, not only without any capital or technology but moreover based upon an entrepreneurial concept he was told would never work. His core idea was to convince artists in perceived competition with one another to be responsible and help one another, ha really; disruptive and off your rocker comes to mind. This was a ‘way off’ concept that had never been seen in the non-star Hollywood community of actor services but Kevin understood his audience.

From content marketing to pitch decks — the truth in being a successful entrepreneur still comes down to the origin of what, why, when and where married unapologetically with work ethic and communication. The small business owner, the tech start-up, the secondary offshoot business will all meet with bad ends when concept gets more attention than communication. A great Pitch Deck will never guarantee a tremendous result, not because the idea is poor, but commonly due to all the intra-communications required over time to execute it.

Corporate America has a bad ideology reputation of: ‘Ready — Fire — Aim’. This may sound cute or get a laugh from time to time but when it is actually true both for all types of ventures the lack of clear intent turns an otherwise healthy workforce into a M.A.S.H. unit. The inception scope of entrepreneurism is 99% concept but micro to macro communication is the very basis for successful execution. Just ask Hollywood. Every single production that takes place in Hollywood starts from scratch — similar to someone who wants to start a flower, beauty/nail salon, restaurant or other common small business. This is an entrepreneurial effort but by no means a ‘new concept’ but even Facebook applies. Additionally, producing a live event is entrepreneurial, with the extreme reality that you only have ONE shot at getting it right. Kevin has produced more than 40 one-day live events, and built a successful award-winning organization in the face of concept majority disagreement.

Moneyball, yes, was a movie but based on the very true story of one man’s willingness to take on tradition and a dogged belief system about winning baseball games. Ask yourself how often are concepts created and launched without the due process of vetting execution? Entrepreneurism is the harmonious synergy between concept and execution but what links the two is COMMUNICATION. Ideas, Concepts, Goals, Decks, Plans, Marketing Strategy, Creationism: It’s all the same!! There is a great idea born every second but unless you’re able to understand the core journey of HOW to communicate that, plus the environment in which it can succeed and one’s true intent then the concept is likely to end up on the scrapheap of entrepreneurism.

The Moral of the Story
1-Continuing the philosophy of ‘Ready — Fire — Aim’ will doom entrepreneurism.
2-Entrepreneurial concepts require great execution but great execution requires communication.
3-The idea of having a great ‘Deck’ is just on paper but day to day execution is the real world.
4-Kevinism: Just because it’s possible doesn’t make it a good idea.
5-Efficient and successful concept communication is not monolithic it’s dynamic.
6-You can have a lot of chefs in the kitchen…if they’re all on the same core page.
7-An entrepreneur can only duplicate their vision when they know how to communicate intent.


Leadership (Inspired): A powerful leader understands how to communicate based on listening and observation, which promotes skill-set identification, and delegation.

 “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

William Shakespeare (King Henry IV)

“There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.”

Randall Wallace (Pearl Harbor/Braveheart)

When you create a Google search and use the two words: Leadership Qualities, you’ll get several choices. One of the first options at the top of the search says “11 Leadership Qualities” but oddly shows only eight qualities until you click on the link. Once you click on the link and go to the article, ironically the #1 quality listed wasn’t one of the eight shown in the search but #1 is, Communication. The other 10 listed are of no surprise: Integrity, Accountability, Empathy, Humility, Resilience, Vision, Influence, Positivity, Delegation and Confidence. The article continues to express some specifics about communication such as these five recommended directives: 1) Communicate relentlessly 2) Simplify and be direct 3) Listen and encourage input 4) Illustrate thru stories 5) Affirm with actions. Who could argue with such a reasonable basis for leadership?

The challenge, however, beneath all communication is to whom, how, when, where and why. If a leader communicates relentlessly but poorly is that a good leader? If a leader speaks simply and direct but their choice of words isn’t appropriate for the situation is that a good leader? You can listen, encourage, illustrate and take action, but what is the origin of that communication? Leaders are not just in corporate America or at large companies, hell, you’re likely the leader of your household. Leaders come in all shapes n’ sizes, all ethnic backgrounds, childhoods, industry sectors and size of company down to a Mom n’ Pop shop with two employees. Regardless of the components or qualities of a leader, success still depends on, communication.

Corporate America has a bad reputation for implementing ‘Ready-Fire-Aim’ as an ideology, which is both unwise and arrogant. When you put the boat in the water before you’re even sure if its seaworthy or where the hell you’re going then your likely destination is failed corporate cannibalism. So whether you’re the boss, want to become the boss, was unexpectedly promoted to the boss, made yourself the boss and are a reluctant boss within some level of management — successful Leadership, is extremely fragile and difficult.

Kevin E. West created an organization, has been of leader of men in sports, the Chair of union Committees, delivered over 1500 motivational and educational speeches to groups, consulted with over 1,000 hopeful artists, been a CEO/Employer and, oh yes, while he isn’t a lawyer — he has played one on television. ☺ What his 30 years in the absurdity of Hollywood has taught him, far beyond The Standards of Presence about communication, is that until you understand the organic journey of what comes out of our mind or mouth being a successful, respected and revered leader…will be very difficult. Leaders must know their ‘why’, their ‘truth’, their ‘audience’ and their sincere ‘intent’. Leaders can only lead if they truly know where they’re going.

The Moral of the Story
1-Communication proficiency is the number one quality to being a successful leader.
2-A leader is required to truly understand their vision from deep within, not just nice words.
3-Avoid the common failed ideology ‘Ready — Fire — Aim’.
4-Leadership isn’t that you communicate but rather the basis of your communication.
5-“Some believe leaders are born, some believe they’re made – I believe in both.” —Kevin E. West 
6-The very balance and foundation of a great leader comes from a self-understanding vision, first.
7-Leadership and communication skills are best learned by repetitive vocational experiences.


Workplace Ageism: Baby Boomers v. the Millennial must avoid becoming The Scorpion & The Frog!

“Don’t let the sun go down without saying thank you to someone, and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets this far alone.”

Stephen King

 “You may not like the guys you’re flying with they may not like you but whose side are you on?”

Val Kilmer (Iceman – Top Gun)

A company cannot be effective if you allow this premise to grow; “You punks have no idea what hard work is” v. “You old fogies have no clue how to work smart.” Where the hell does that employee mentality leave everyone at the company? Purgatory! The millennial is typically very comfortable being either autonomous or insular with their mind n’ physical work habits or almost overtly in need of constant support depending on the position. The Boomer grew up doing virtually everything with others, as a team often by hand, both at home and work due to technology limitations but they tend to have a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. When the mentality or assumptive judgment from one group to another is dismissive just based on age then it is very likely the intra-communication will lack in certain key specifics as well as lead to flat out mutual disrespect.

Far too often workplace discord between these two groups just comes down to jargon.  Yet, when it is all said and done communication, be it stated as ‘nice’ or ‘rad’, must come with mutual respect. The Baby Boomer parent fought in brutal archaic wars whereas the millennial grew up with a smart phone, Google and hybrid cars. We may think the issue is about communication skills but there may be more to it than that. Two people, or even a group, can have a vastly different age gap or perspective but we mustn’t forget the importance of how work ethic or the specifics of the work are viewed. The Scorpion (Boomers) & The Frog (a Millennial) parable ends poorly for both and all the scorpion can say upon killing them is: “…sorry it’s my nature.”

Thirty years in television regularly taught Kevin E. West about working with different ages n’ skill levels. In Hollywood it is incredibly common to have an acting veteran and a relative newbie in the same scene. This scenario of veteran and newbie also extends to the vastly complex crews on film and television sets. Over the course of creating his own company and constantly engaging people from multiple countries, of all ages, working and communicating to bring them together in one fluid mentality, Kevin mastered the art of communication between generations. The key to accomplish unity between two sets of colleagues is to focus how they communicate about the task at hand rather than who is right or wrong.

Humans really are never taught how to think or be aware of how others see us or how to filter information that comes to or at us. Communication must move from ‘Reactive to Pro-Active’ and not just when in dire need. TheBoomer and the Millennial have intrinsically different ideology about how things get done.From relationships to sporting teammates that thrive in harmony we have to remember that communication originates within the mind of a human not in some pre-coded programming or a spreadsheet.

“Every good business story has a conflict and triumph at the core and a turning point where a transformation takes place.”

Dinesh Paliwal

The Moral of the Story
1-The initial conversation between the Boomer n’ the Millennial starts with skill set mutual respect.
2-Proper reception methodology means you need to learn how to listen in person first.
3-The millennial fear of favoritism is only rivaled by a Boomer’s natural need to be stubborn.
4-Both groups have valuable skills and tendencies but ‘tone’ is infinitely important.
5-One must promote assessment proficiency so one’s workload is properly perceived.
6-Proper communication resolves how compliments or directives are perceived and received.
7-Execution euphoria can cause the Boomer n’ the Millennial to take a step toward one another.


Multiple studies over several decades have concluded that approximately 40% of employees at some point have dated a co-worker so in the 21st century, therefore, “we need to talk.”

“Friendly human engagement doesn’t mean someone is ‘into’ you; that is just lazy arrogance.”

Kevin E. West

Hollywood is often given the moniker for having created, ‘The Casting Couch’, but again art imitates life and we know that the movie 9 to 5 starring Dolly Parton is based on life…first. Men have been behaving poorly toward women for 3000+ years so let us make sure that we’re clear that #METOO is nothing new. Kevin E. West grew up in a household of two women, no men, and also ran an organization of 5000 members (actors) from all over the U.S. and the world for nearly 24 years of whom approximately 63% were women. In addition, Kevin himself has been cornered more than once in a #METOO way, in his three decades of Hollywood.

The very concept of amorous behavior or workplace romance isn’t wrong or even bad but it is like most everything else in life, SUBJECTIVE. No one, not the HR department, the local, state or federal government can come up with guidelines that address every person, situation, circumstance or behavior that happens between two people or a statement made before a small group that SOMEONE deems, harassing or inappropriate. So rather than trying to bottle that “S” once again, Kevin E. West looks to our communication skills as people, be it in the workplace or just after work. Let us also remember that this conversation isn’t just for the heterosexual community either, because amorous is amorous, and ‘crossing the line’ doesn’t see sexual orientation.

Whether you employ a dozens employees in one location or 50,000 across the U.S. it matters not as workplace communication and physical behavior is a dogged kerfuffle ‘the line’ is constantly moving. So how does one begin to solve this omnipotent and extraordinary conundrum? Simple, start with communication, but never forget that body language is also communication and a great deal of our behavior is driven by Fear-Ego-Envy (aka, Kevin’s, The SelF.E.E.) and lack of mutual respect. Almost every office in America has the entitled guy who thinks he walks on water and every “gets that he’s just kidding” as well as the just slightly too bubbly gal that enjoys the attention she gets for flirting just a bit too much but professes her lack of intent loudly.

However, NO one deserves to be a victim of #METOO, ever! This is not up for discussion but what is paramount is how you get there. The core of Kevin E. West is A.E.I.: Audience — Environment — Intent, ‘The organic journey of communication’ because every word, gesture or physical move is born within a person before it is exposed to another person. The crucial element Kevin focuses on regarding #METOO and communication are the legitimate degrees of one’s words and actions. This is all bad, but saying something inappropriate is not the same as being cornered in an office and yet, when your understanding of communication improves the likelihood of a ‘slip of the tongue’ or worse, diminishes drastically.

The Moral of the Story
1-Hollywood didn’t invent the behavior of the #METOO movement but a lot can be learned from it.
2-The origin of #METOO communication and behavior is commonly driven by Fear-Ego-Envy.
3-Inappropriate words or behavior is extraordinarily subjective but there is a common thread.
4-When you begin to better understand how your own communication evolves #METOO diminishes.
5-Regardless of what you think or feel, if you’re told it’s inappropriate that’s it. No means no. PERIOD.
6-Workplace attraction is never going to end so it is imperative to increase your communication tools.
7-A larger percentage of workplace #METOO is verbal so learning to see ‘your audience’ is crucial.

Elite Coaching/Training

Even Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods went to practice and had coaches. Al Pacino has always been, and remains, an advocate of attending an acting class to stay sharp. However, in those three examples we’re discussing sports training, skills coaching and a craft of behavior. The truth is, the art of efficient communication, is far more difficult on a moment to moment and daily basis due to the fact that…we’re human. Kevin E. West has spent more than three decades focused on behavior, the craft of words, your mind, and how it all comes together…before it comes out of your mouth…whether it is as a public speaker, a stand-up comic, an actor, an emcee, a leader or an entrepreneur. He also firmly believes that anyone can excel at communication if they want to learn first, why we tend to fall short of our desired goals, when we write, text and speak.

2-Hour Coaching/Training
Supplemental program to a Keynote presentation!
Optimal number of participants is 10-20 and a maximum of 50.

Introduction: (15 min)
*The acting craft foundation
*Detailing the (5) common failures
*The sheer joy of omnipotent communication

The SelF.E.E. Principle (15 min)
*Exposing the ego in communication
*Identify when fear affects communication
*Awareness of your envy

Communication Platforms (15 min)
*Snail mail isn’t email
*Emails are not texts
*The phone is not in person

Environment Awareness Training (20 min)
*A walk through your life
*Work group role play
*How personal can assist professional

Understanding Your Audience (20 min)
*How do you define them?
*How do you view them?
*How they affect your communication?

Accomplishing Your Intent (20 min)
*Clarity of your goal
*Dangling participles
*Hit by a bus theory

Wrap-up / Q&A (15 min)

Event Planner FAQs

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-If an electronic format is required by your event, and accepted by me, it would be a high quality presentation by the deadline required. Additionally, the staff would need to provide me with any format templates required.

-I absolutely recognize and respect that my Keynote’s primary intention is to share valuable information and expertise and not as a promotional tool of my business, service or a product. 

-By definition the basis of all my programs are about “Audience” and therefore I tailor my presentations to consider WHO is watching/listening and keep my comments appropriate to any audience. Being tactful and aware of one’s audience, inclusive of humor, is part of being a tactful and successful professional.

-My presentations are meant to connect with audience members that vary across organization type, region, and country, which likely include people from all types of campuses, educational institutions, corporate business partners, and individual identities all from throughout the U.S. and the international community. The usage of, ‘colorful language’ or ‘on the edge stories’, can vary in acceptability from group to group.

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