Life… in a word


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Kevin naturally found himself observing life and having a word come to mind, but if he expressed his thoughts, other people gave him an odd look. Yes, he understood seeing a lovely picture and calling it “beautiful” or seeing two people laughing and labeling it “joy.” But something was still missing for him. Kevin was seeking a larger appreciation of words and the spirit of their meaning in the context of life.

One day, he was laughing at his sister while she tried to swat a fly in the house. BAM! He found his answer in a common housefly, the only quick flying creature that sees human activity from both inside and outside … virtually everywhere. Suddenly, Kevin began to live his life and view it as if he were the “fly on the wall.” Today, Kevin passes his perspective on to others in what he likes to call Kevin’s Dictionary.

“A picture is worth 1,000 words, but sometimes a word… can be seen as a whole new picture!”
—Kevin E. West


Amazon Reviews

Impressive how this tiny book manages to portray SO MUCH!
5-Stars – Verified purchase, 1/13/19

Wow! The way that Kevin relates to and conveys stories from SO MANY different perspectives, is mind-blowing! Life… in a word gets the job done as a gift/tabletop book, yet at the same time, has the ability to open hearts and minds to emotions & empathy they may not have known prior to picking up this little gem. Can’t wait for the others!!

Gina Manegio