GETTING THE JOB is an innovative product for actors, that informs, educates and inspires – a must have.”
Rob Light – Agent at Creative Artists Agency

“I’ve know Carolyne Barry for 25 years, she’s been a splendid teacher and I’m really glad that she’s done this CD so that more people can benefit from her knowledge and her experience.”
J. Michael Bloom – Theatrical and Commercial agent
President of his own agencies in both Los Angeles and New York

“Kevin E. West is the consummate professional. he is one of the most ethical, intelligent, talented, pro-active, pro-actor people I’ve ever known. Kevin’s extensive experiences, passion and ability to communicate make him the best person I know to assist actors. Hollywood is a business that has a lot of unspoken and ever-changing rules lead to a lot of mistakes which cost actors time, money and emotional strength. To have someone like Kevin on your side to help you get through Los Angeles without having to make all of the same mistakes… is invaluable.”
Lonnie Hamerman – Casting Director (Without a Trace, Monk, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Lifetime Alum of The Actors’ Network

“In my heart of hearts I feel that GETTING THE JOB will save you time and money. It will help you avoid amateur mistakes.”
David Ziff – Commercial Dept Head, C.E.S.D. (CESD is one of the three largest commercial agencies in the U.S.)

“I believe this CD will give them the tools they need to forward their acting career.”
Abigail Girvin – L.A. Commercial Agent at DDO Agency

“Getting The Job will guide actors along the right path.”
Hugh Leon – L.A. Commercial Agent at the Coast to Coast Talent Group

“It’s so important that you wake up every day and ask yourself – ‘What can I do to make things better for me?’ Don’t sit around waiting and complaining. There are numerous things you can do. Ask yourself every day – ‘What can I do to make my career better?’ And then buy this CD product, as one of the answers to that question.”
Mike Jacobs Jr. -TV Producer, To Be Fat Like Me, (Lifetime), The Thirteenth Year (Disney Channel), & Their Second Chance (ABC/Lifetime Pictures)

GETTING THE JOB is a program that is great not only for beginners, but even the intermediate and advanced actors. What you learn from this program will help you at any level.”
Michael Sanford – Sanford Commercial Casting

“Approach the business as a business. I think the most important thing a person could get from this CD, is if you’re not committed, the next person will be.”
Jerry Whitworth – Assoc. Prod, Survivor: Thailand & Brawny Academy

“Carolyne Barry and Kevin E. West are the two perfect people to be the personal audition coaches for most every actor, these two know what they are talking about. Listen to them.”
Billy DaMota – L.A. Film, TV and Commercial Casting Director