Kevin has a unique way to get to the point with humor, not offense; it’s a rare gift. Kevin translated my experience in the business world into the business of entertainment so I could see how to move forward; it is this clarity that makes him valuable (to me). Never have I considered the time I spend with Kevin as wasted, instead I consider it generous and worth exponentially more than he charges for it.

— Jessika Lawrence

Kevin E. West (@thekevine) was a breath of fresh air compared to what my Colleagues and I were used to when Dataspan hired him to Emcee our 2017 National Sales meeting. He immediately checked the “pulse” of the crowd and melded right in. He was funny, up to date on topics of the day, and the man can flat out, ad-lib. He even sang a college fight song for a few Alums on our Team.

— Martin Montano

In the past we commonly had various types of guest speakers, motivational speakers or Emcees within our industry (IT), who typically emphasized roll-playing n’ such. But Kevin was different — poignant but also had our company rolling from our CEO down to the stiffest “board” in the room. We greatly enjoyed his work and felt an immediate camaraderie from his vibe. I highly recommend Kevin for a number of various of needs or occasions.

— Martin Montano

You have been such a wonderful supporter of me and my career over the past few years, so I just wanted to share a huge personal victory. I am now working with Austin Leshay at MGMT Entertainment (formerly The Schiff Co) and Nadi Filsoof at ICM as my reps. My career success absolutely wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support I have received from so many, and I thank you for all you’ve done for me. Truly I have no idea where I’d be without TAN and your specific wisdom, advice, connections, and love over the years. You’ve had a huge impact on my life and I’m sincerely grateful.

— Ben Whitehair

Kevin provided me with straightforward, no-nonsense wise advice and counsel during my time in LA. In an industry fraught with deception, manipulation and exploitation, sitting in private consultation with him was incredibly refreshing, knowing I was getting the lay of the land presented in a completely honest, accurate, succinct way, by someone who has the experience to back it up. You’ll get far more than your money’s worth, I assure you. Furthermore, Kevin has gone above and beyond in his efforts to support and assist me, even with my acting pursuits overseas. A straight shooter within an industry hardly known for its integrity, Kevin’s the real deal. Best investment in your acting career, as far as the business side of things go, that you’ll ever make. In the City of Angels, there are actually few, and you can count Kevin E. West among them.

— Troy McFadden

Taking a private with Kevin gave me a real look at what I needed to work on and how to approach it. Because of that, I was able to move forward in a positive way. I truly feel that Kevin’s insight and knowledge has helped me make stronger business decisions as well. Thank you Kevin.

— Brian Baldini

Working with Kevin, I was able to acquire several meetings with agents and managers here in Los Angeles. His advice helped me edit my reel in a way that caught peoples attention and left them wanting to see more. His techniques on cold calling, drop offs, creating target lists and how to make sure the people on those lists are seeing your marketing materials are great! And if you are interested in taking meetings with agents and/or managers you definitely want to know his list of questions to ask so you can be sure you are signing with the one that’s right for you.

— Darin Toonder

Show and business are two very different words and nobody knows that better than Kevin E. West. Everyone wants to be with a big agent and manager but at every stage of your career, you have to be your own big agent or manager. Nobody will map out your path for you but you so if you’re planning on dedicating your life in pursuit of the arts, do yourself a favor and sit down with Kevin for an hour. He’s been in Los Angeles for many years and knows what it takes to turn your dreams in to actionable plans with tangible results. Before you waste money on workshops and new headshots, do yourself a favor and take the time to figure out specifically what you want to do and why. Your time with Kevin could save you many frustrating years and thousands of hard earned dollars.

— Matt Knudsen

Kevin’s Private was incredibly helpful to me. Informative, clarifying, and inspiring, he gave me information I hadn’t known, specific points I needed to address, and he got me to be honest with myself about what I really wanted from this business we call “show.” Overall, I am grateful to have benefited from his knowledge, experience, and humanity. I highly recommend Kevin E. West to help people navigate this crazy biz.

— Jane Kinsey

I think one of the areas where Kevin has helped me the most is in the area of demo reel production. I can say with absolute certainty that Kevin’s advice in this area has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years in editing costs. His detailed instructions on how to prepare gave me the confidence to enter my first editing session with confidence, with materials formatted and time coded to save time and money, and with a strong vision for the final product. This system has allowed me to work collaboratively with various editors over the years, utilizing their professional skills and eye, while maintaining artistic control over the final product. Nearly a decade after my first demo reel consultation with Kevin, Editors still consistently compliment me on my level of preparation and I credit this back to time well spent with Kevin E West. For all of the reasons above, along with my other statements, I recommend Kevin E West as your first stop when seeking consultation concerning all aspects of the Entertainment Industry.

— Paul Bond