The Trump Presidential Library

By Kevin E. West
Published 10/30/19

The Trump Presidential Library
A sneak preview of the books to come…

The Presidential library, established since Herbert Hoover, has become a tradition in which documents, artifacts, gifts of state, and museum exhibits are maintained that relate to the former president’s life and career, both political and professional. Upon the departure of a U.S. President, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) establishes a presidential materials project to house and index the documents until a new presidential library is built and transferred to the federal government.

Typically presidential libraries are established in a former president’s home state, but based on the number of lawsuits filed by the Southern District of New York it is difficult to predict when a library could or would be built in the state of New York as Mr. Trump may be physically detained and “unavailable” for its commencement. Additionally, it seems most of what Mr. Trump has collected during his White House tenure are just bags of cash, rather than gifts and artifacts so the (NARA) may be short on Presidential inventory.

So, with the current impeachment inquiry underway, the legitimate possibility exists that Donald J. Trump may not win re-election in 2020 or even see his first term to its natural end. With all of this uncertainty swirling about we wanted to bring some calm and clarity to this prestigious post-Presidency honor. Yes, there’s no doubt that Mr. Trump will proudly display The Art of the Deal in his Presidential library but what about all of the other potential literary gems that will provide a retrospective on @RealDonaldTrump?

Therefore, prior to the Holiday gift giving and the American exuberance for the joy of the season, this seemed like a good time to present a short list of the books that we expect to populate a few shelves of the Presidential library Donald J. Trump may have written, about him, by him, or his many cherished children, lovers, associates, friends, former staff and Cabinet members. We just can’t wait to feast our eyes on these!

Commissioned Titles for the Trump Library:

Ivanka Trump

Complicity: My New Brand!

Melania Trump

Yes, Im the Star of The Pee Tape

Don Trump Jr.

How to Adopt a Russian Hooker

Jared Kushner

Jews, Will Not Wait, What?

Eric Trump

The Forgotten Son Thank God

Kim Jong Un

Two Wild ‘n Crazy Guys

Foreword by Steve Martin

Donald McGahn

A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations

Foreword by Clint Eastwood

Vladimir Putin

Puppetry: My Shirtless Pastime

Volodymyr Zelensky (Ukrainian Pres.)

Investigate Joe whoArpaio?

Rep. of China Pres. Xi Jinping

@RealArtoftheDeal: Trade Wars

Turkish Pres. ErdoÄŸan

Wow, You Are Putins Bitch!

Mohammad Bin Salman (M.B.S.)

I Loved the Meatloaf Scene in Rocky Horror

Michael Cohen

Trumps Turkey ‘n All the Fixin’s

Rudy Guiliani

Eastern Promises; A Love Story

Steve Bannon

Grandpa Himmlers Doctrine

Stephen Miller

Gaslighting: Mein McCarthyisms

William Barr

Roy Cohn Cant Carry my Jockstrap

Kellyanne Conway

Really, I Wear Ivanka

Hillary Clinton

Don Swamp & The Deplorables

Lindsay Graham

I’ve Evolved On the Constitution

Gen. Mattis

The Apprentice was Overrated

Bill Taylor

Quid Pro Quo; A Trump Twister

Gordon Sondland

Aren’t Trump Donors Exempt?

John Bolton

Damn Donald, I Thought I was Nuts

Mick Mulvaney

How to: GET OVER IT!

Mike Pence

Melania’s Special Accessory

Gen. Michael Flynn

From Russia With Love

Paul Manafort

Show Me the Money

Rick Gates

I’m with Stupid ­

Michael Flynn Jr.

Pops The Flippin’ Flynn

Sean Spicer

Neon Becomes Me

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

All Mad Cow – No Spine

Stephanie Grisham

Reporters I Made Famous

Jeff Sessions

A Hobbit Has No Memory!

Rex Tillerson

My IQ Isnt the Only Thing Bigger!

Mike Pompeo

Deflecting My Way to the Senate

Alexander Vindman

Hell, Even I Stand Against Putin

Anthony The MoochScaramucci

10 Days of Daycare

John McCain

Brain Tumor v. Bone Spurs

Elizabeth Warren

Pocahontas Shoots Pinocchio on 5th Ave.

John Kaisich

Republicans: The New Spineless Left

Sergey Kislyak & Sergei Lavrov

K.T. McFarland: Russian 3-Ways Rule!

Kurt Volker

1001 Giuliani Jokes

Viktor Vekselberg

Mr. Flynn, You Make Nice with Vladimir

Rob Goldstone

We Make Concert for Adopted Russians

Roger Stone

I Do Trumps Hair ‘n Make-up

Michael Caputo

Uh, its Caputo, NOT Capote

David Pecker

You Should See My Secure Server

Gen. John Kelly

The ‘Yes Man’ is a Movie, Dipshit!

Steven Mnuchin

My Bride Cost More Than Yours

George Papdoplous

Coffee Boys’ Got Game

Tom Price

Charter Flight Blues

Betsy DeVos

.EDU means what again?

Stormy Daniels

Yes, He’s Impotent — I Mean, Incompetent

Karen McDougal

They Don’t Make Condoms That Small

Neil Gorsuch

My Secret Crush on Ginsburg

Brett Kavanaugh

@SCOTUS: A Guide to Boofing!

Rick Perry

I’m Not the Ukrainian Energy Secretary?

Rob Porter

I’ll Beat a Security Clearance Out of You

Hope Hicks

I Can Take a Lickin’ n’ Keep On Tickin

Rhona Graff

Executive Time with my Baby Orangutan

Carter Page

Me ‘n Putin, Sittin’ in a Tree

Corey Lewandowski

Literally, I Am Full of Shit

Devin Nunes

Being Trump’s Bitch

Jay Sekulow

Attorney-Client Privilege, OY VEY!

Joe Arpaio

Pardon My Racism

Roy Moore

Mall Cop A Teen Documentary

Reince Priebus

On Second Thought Not That Bad!

Scott Pruitt

My 1st Class Entourage

Trey Gowdy

Transparency, a Hairdo

Bob Corker

Trumps Napoleon Complex

Jeff Flake


Megyn Kelly

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Matthew Calamari

Trumps Bodyguardis Missing

Billy Bush

AVN Awards Best VideoWinner

Ronald Lieberman

The Trump Organization: My side gig

The Mexican Government

Mexico Extends to Colorado, COOL!

Felix Sater

We build Big Beautiful Tower for Blondie

U.S. Allies: A Compilation

No, Don’t Answer Just Let It Ring

Contributors: Australia, France

Canada, England & Germany

Peter Strzok

Oh Boy, I Actually Hit Send?

Lisa Page

Damn, is This Yours or Anthony Weiners?

Jerome Corsi:

Julian Assange is My Lover

Randy Credico:

Roger Stone Blows Me Qway

Michael Wolff

I’d Like a Beautiful Apology Letter!

Tony Fabrizio

Polling for Perogi’s

National Rifle Association

How to Control a Draft Dodger

Presidential Inaugural Committee (Biography)

We Do Better than the Mob

Julian Assange

My Last Name Starts with ASS!


Santa Asked: Have You Been

James Comey

Mr. President, Please Dont Shake My Hand

Robert Mueller

People, READ Between the Lines

Christopher Wray

Bernie, I Found the Damn Emails!

Allen Weisselberg

I Hate Knowing Everything

Tony Schwartz

Told You So

Whistleblower #1

Melania; Ms. Slovenia gets out

Donald J. Trump

Twitter: The Presidency for Dummies

The Trump Memoires; ‘My Executive Time Abyss

Trilogy: Art of the Steal — The Fake News Blues

& Golfing With Very Fine People

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