Acting Career Coaching: You are a Product!

You Are a Product! For sale. Yes, you are. If you have decided you want to make money as an actor, get hired as a performer and be paid for it, then you are officially a product. On a shelf waiting to be pulled and placed in a cart and ready for check-out. So let […]

Actor Game Plan: “The Answer!”

IF YOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS… …who’s got THE answers…? RIGHT? Hollywood creates so many questions: Who needs me?  Who will see me?  Who will hire me?  It’s hard.  And I’m not making light of this. These questions are merely the beginning to hundreds more I’ve heard during my 20+ years offering acting career guidance.  They continue: […]

The Actor MBA

What is the Actor MBA? First of all, thank you following us here at the Actor Business blog. I wanted to insert this post now before we get back to more educational ones, because we’ve just launched the TikTok overview of what our future educational module will look like.  If you click here this is […]

The Business of Show Business: Actor Consequences

The Consequences of Being an Actor Don’t sweat it. There are NO consequences in our industry.  Not really… There are plenty of life decisions that can have a consequence at work, with friends or even immediate family. I bring this matter to actors who are first starting out that have survival jobs and  know that […]

The Business of Show Business: An Actor’s Life

So..You Want To Be An Actor? I cannot emphasize enough the “business of show business.”  Really… Before many of us settle into our creative pursuits, we are hooked by the lights, camera, action of Hollywood. I know I was. It’s a signal of hope! Then reality hits and you realize there’s work to be done […]

Actor Business Skills: Self-Promotion

Actor Business: Let’s Self-Promote! The whole point of our actor “business” is to fully understand how to promote ourselves so thet we are in positions to be seen and then, ideally, be considered for roles.    So, as actors, what is our role in this business process? And what is our Agent’s role?   We […]