Welcome to Actor Business – The Business of Show Business

The “Business” of Show Business   Let me get to it. I started my professional acting career in 1988. There are aspects of my actor life that pre-date that, but that year is when I moved to Los Angeles to continue my actor pursuit — for money.  You read that right. For money.  Make no […]

Acting Philosophy – Part 1

Knowledge is King! Indeed. The most important thing in any actor’s pursuit of work is… EDUCATION! This blog, at first, might not have something relevant for your current (read: TODAY) acting pursuit. Never fear. I have a surplus of digital content that will be added here over the next several months. Fingers crossed, there will […]

Acting Philosophy – Part 2

Continuing Education Let’s finish a few thoughts… Dating! You sometimes cannot put in a book certain things that are just part of being human. Line up all the contestants from The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, and though you might find several people physically attractive; if you were to go out with them a couple of times, very […]

The Business of Acting: The Casting Process

8 TIPS to IMPROVE your Castability!   WHAT’S WITH THE LIST!!?   Relax. It’s okay. Just trying to make a point. We spoke last about acting as either a hobby or, more importantly, your vocation. Regardless of what it means for you, if you want to book work, a casting director likely will call you […]

The Business of Acting: Personal Manager

The Talent Manager… Do you need one? If you’re not sure, let’s see if I can help you… Once upon a time, the idea of having or seeking out the services of a ‘personal manager’ was exclusive to actors who already had a bustling career. For reference, I’m talking about the years 1950-2000. Interestingly, the […]

The Business of Acting: Talent Agent

I NEED AN AGENT… Of course you do… The first thing every actor who wants to audition and make money as an actor is told… …you need an agent.  Yes, in its most simplistic form, that statement is accurate. But there are so many factors surrounding that muddle it a bit, especially for parents.   The […]

The Business of Acting: The Acting Class

What Makes An Acting Class For You? Let’s take a look at some things together.  We’ve all heard the sayings… Practice makes perfect!    No Pain – No Gain!     Good is the Enemy of Great…! These and many others might make you smile or cringe or shake your head. I get it! Phrases […]

Acting Career Coaching: Game Plan

What is your acting career game plan?   Do you have one…?  It’s okay to say “no.” So often I get the enthusiastic “yes” and I know it’s not true.  Well if you click my photo up there, I can get you back on track! Trust me.  Click the photo! Click the photo! Or just […]

Acting Career Decision: Art vs. Business

Let’s talk about the Business of Show Business! “…but I love talking about the The ‘Show’ of Show Business…” Don’t we all…? Heck, I sometimes get caught up in the “show” of show business. It’s easy. It’s forever glittering all around me. I can’t take my eyes off it. I watch shows on all the […]

Acting Career Decision: Art vs. Business (II)

Does Casting really care that I’m an artist or a businessperson…? …OR BOTH? Look.  Casting really just comes down to what you look like and how well you dramatize your art.  Then they decide if you’re hired — or not. I’ll put it to you another way.  Think of it like this, because I know […]